How to Repair Steam Heating Boiler Problems

A steam heating boiler is something that you may have to repair from time to time. You will find that knowing all of the possible problems that may arise is a great way for you to be able to keep your steam heating boiler working for as long as possible. With the proper tools and know how, you will be able to quickly and easily fix most... read more >>

How to Replace a Faulty TPR Valve

If your electric water heater has a bad or faulty TPR valve, you can attempt to replace it on your own. This project is moderately difficult, but this article may be able to help you with the process.

The TPR valve is the temperature pressure relief valve in a water heater. It works by releasing water in the event that the water heater... read more >>

How to Replace a Circulator Pump

A circulator pump is a special part (usually found in heating and cooling units) that helps to pump gas or liquids (like water or cooling agents) through the pipes and tubes of the system. In fact, you can think of the circulator pump as the heart the heating or a/c system, pumping the liquids that the machine needs to do its job. If... read more >>

How to Repair Radiant Ceiling Heat Problems

Radiant ceiling heat is a style of heating a building that relies on thermal radiation rather than convection. While typical furnaces or boilers heat the air in a building, a radiant heating elements applies infrared energy directly to the objects in the building. This makes it useful for workshops and garages. It is also possible to... read more >>

How to Repair Steam Heat Radiator Problems

If you use a steam heat radiator to warm your home, there could come a time that the unit does not function the way it should and will need to be repaired. You could hire a professional to make repairs on your steam radiator; however, there are several common types of repairs that you can do yourself and save a lot of money in the process.... read more >>