How to Replace a Central Heating Pump

There are times when your central heating pump suddenly fails to generate heat inside your home. You try to investigate the problem and then you are left with the verdict that your pump has reached the end of its functioning years. There are a number of ways for you to notice that your pump is not working properly. You may notice that... read more >>

How to Repair Steam Heating System Problems

A steam heating system is just one way that homeowners can heat their homes. This type of heating system works with the use of radiant heat and a boiler that heats up water to the point of becoming steam. Each year, it is a good idea to have a professional clean and tune up your steam heating system. However, a homeowner will save a... read more >>

How to Repair the Radiant Heat Floor System in a Raised Floor

Learning how to repair the radiant heat system in a raised floor will help to keep your home warm and toasty throughout the year. Radiant heat systems are under floor heating systems which produce heat using hot water or electricity. In this article repairing the systems used under raised floors will specifically be discussed.

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How to Repair Toe Kick Heater Problems

A toe kick heater is an easy solution for providing heat in areas where space is limited. They can be installed under cabinets, making it an ideal choice for supplemental heat in areas such as drafty kitchens or bathrooms. There are several types of heaters available, and common problems can be easily fixed most of the time. Here is... read more >>

How to Replace a Baseboard Diffuser

A baseboard diffuser is used in homes which have their duct openings at the edges of floors, or the bottoms of walls. These diffusers allow air to pass in and out of the duct system, and can be used with both feed air systems and rear air systems. As these diffusers are at floor level, they can become damaged though accidents, and you... read more >>

How to Replace a Baseboard Radiator Cover

A baseboard radiator cover not only helps to protect your radiator and the heating system beneath it from damage, but it also can help blend the radiator in to the decor of your home. Because a baseboard cover is located low on the wall and is, therefore, accessible to pets, children and other potential sources of damage, it is commonly... read more >>