How to Test an Electric Water Heaters Heating Elements

If your hot water is not working properly, the cause of this may be as simple as a bad heating element in your electric water heater. Electric water heaters have two heating elements--an upper one and a lower one. The upper heating element is made up of a series of metal loops that have been electrically charges, causing them to heat up.... read more >>

How to Test the Pressure of Your Sealed Central Heating System

Most of the things that you will need to test your sealed central heating system for pressure variances are already built in. The water intake, pressure release valve, expansion tank, pressure gauge and discharge pipe should be installed on most heating systems already and vary only in their location throughout the home or the system.

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How to Test for Leaks in a Floor Furnace

With regular maintenance, you can detect floor furnace leaks before they become a major and costly problem. Even a small, slow leak will damage the particle board subflooring and quickly cause decay. Also, leaking water can also damage carpeting, permanently stain walls and cause a dangerous fire hazard. Read on to learn how to regularly... read more >>

How to Test Boiler Combustion Efficiency

The efficiency of the boiler in your home can be measured by checking the boiler combustion efficiency. This is often one of the first things that are checked by a gas electrician when they are maintaining your boiler, and also when they are looking for problems such as leaks or damage. Combustion efficiency should be between 75 and... read more >>