How to Replace Your Thermostat

Most homeowners get nervous when they need to know how to replace a thermostat. Working around electricity can make anyone a little anxious if they do not have the know-how to carefully get the job done. Fortunately, replacing your thermostat is a fairly easy task to accomplish.

Materials Needed:

  • New thermostat
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nosed...

    How to Replace the Wiring on Your Room Thermostat

    If the wiring for your room thermostat needs to be replaced, this quick guide should help you figure out how it's done without taking the chance of making serious mistakes. This article explains the color-coded wiring layout for both 2 and 3 wire systems.

    Two Wire Systems

    Two wire systems generally have one red and one white wire.It... read more >>

    How to Replace Your Room Thermostat

    Replacing a room thermostat only takes a few minutes. It does not require any electrical skills or carpentry skills, other than the ability to use a couple of common tools. As long as the new thermostat will fit in the old opening, replacing a thermostat can be done in about the same time it takes to cook macaroni and cheese.

    Tools...

    How To Replace Your Digital Thermostat

    If your old thermostat is not working properly, knowing how to replace it with a digital thermostat will help you to control energy costs. New programmable digital thermostats can offer a variety o cost-saving features your old rotary unit cannot. Additionally, the new thermostats provide users with a wide array of different information... read more >>