How to Replace Electric Resistors on Electric Garage Heaters

When electric garage heaters stop working it is important to ascertain the cause and fix it promptly in order to avoid fire hazards. The primary cause of heater failure is usually that a small electrical resistor has blown and needs replacing. Follow these suggestions to make this simple repair to your electric garage heater quickly... read more >>

How to Replace the Thermostat on a Hydronic Heating System

The thermostat on a hydronic heating system provides accurate temperature control. If there are problems in the heating system in regard to the amount of heat being passed to the room, inspect the thermometer to diagnose the fault. Commonly, it might be a simple problem that requires turning on the thermostat or making temperature adjustment.... read more >>

How to Replace the Motor in a Zone Valve

Zone valve motors sometimes start to malfunction or even breakdown, which means replacements will need to be made. But plumber bills can be high and many people wish to learn how to do these repairs by themselves. So here is how you can make the replacement yourself.

Tools & Supplies Needed
  • New Motor
  • Flashlight
  • Screw Driver
  • Wrench

Step...

How to Replace the Humidifier on a Forced Air Heating System

Humidifiers are absolutely indispensable for the functioning of a forced air heating system as these devices add the required moisture to the air within the heating system. The humidifiers come in handy when the air within the house is heated, as it forces the moisture in the air to vanish. Hence, a timely replacement of the humidifier... read more >>

How to Replace the Dip Tube On a Recirculating Hot Water System

The water heater dip tube is an important part of your recirculating hot water system. Without a properly functioning dip tube, less and less cold water will reach the bottom of the hot water tank to be fully heated. The result will be cool showers and lukewarm water for laundering, washing dishes and other cleaning tasks in your home.... read more >>