How to Replace an Electric Furnace Filter

Like all home appliances an electric furnace filter requires maintenance, cleaning, and sometimes replacement from time to time. This can help it to function well and provide the best service in terms of air cleanliness and regulation, in this case, mainly heating. These are the steps involved in undergoing a replacement of a furnace... read more >>

How to Replace a Steam Radiator Air Vent

If your radiator air vent gets blocked, it won’t be able to effectively flush the air out of your steam vent, thus causing a whole host of problems with your heating (basically meaning that you won’t be getting much heat, if any at all). If you notice that your steam radiator’s air vent isn’t whistling as merrily... read more >>

How to Replace a Radiator with a Convector Heater

If you want the replace the radiator in your home with a more efficient convector heater, you may be thinking it is not a job that you can do yourself. However, replacing an old radiator is much easier than you might think and makes an excellent DIY project. It will take you a few hours to complete the job; however, you will save a... read more >>

How to Replace a Radiant Heat Manifold

The use of a radiant heat manifold has important advantages for households located in cold climates and has gained considerable popularity around the world. The radiant heating system is well received because it is clean, efficient, quiet and reliable and is installed within the system of the house. Basically, it is an invisible heating... read more >>