How to Replace the Humidifier on a Forced Air Heating System

Humidifiers are absolutely indispensable for the functioning of a forced air heating system as these devices add the required moisture to the air within the heating system. The humidifiers come in handy when the air within the house is heated, as it forces the moisture in the air to vanish. Hence, a timely replacement of the humidifier on the forced air heating system is required.

Tools Required:

  • Tin snips
  • Utility Knife
  • Screw Driver
  • Sheet Metal
  • Self tapping sheet metal screws
  • Collar with baffle
  • 2 adjustable elbows
  • Saddle tee
  • Compression nut
  • Ferrule
  • Pipe joint compound
  • Two wire low voltage electric cable
  • Transformer

Step 1-Connecting the Humidifier to the Ductwork

Take the template that is provided with the brand new humidifier and mark a rectangular opening in the rear end of the ductwork.

Step 2-Making the Starter Hole

Use tin snips to make a starter hole just in the way mentioned in the model. Make the hole with a utility knife.

Step 3-Fixing the Humidifier

Lock the tabs at the bottom. Now screw it right into the sheet metal using the tapping sheet metal screws.

Step 4-Using the Collar Baffle to Fix the Tabs

The supply side of the air duct has to have a six inch hole where the collar of the modifier will be put in. This will lock the tabs in the place. This collar needs to have a baffle that can be turned off when using the set up for air conditioning during the summer.

Step 5-Fitting in the Pipe

The adjustable elbow is to be positioned facing the humidifier and the pipe is to be run towards it. Also using the second elbow, you need to fix the joints with screws.

Step 6-Fixing the Plumbing

Connection of the water feeding tube is one of the most significant parts. The tube is to be fitted into the humidifier pad and pressed into the housing using the assembly. Place the saddle tee on the water pipe and dart a ¼ inch copper tube through the humidifier and the tap.

Step 7-Tightening the Water Feeding Tube

The next step is to tighten each of the ends of the water feeding tube with a ferrule and a compression nut, creating bends to connect with the fittings.

Step 8-Placing a Protective Coating

The ferrule is to be coated with a pipe joint compound on the side of the humidifier and a nut should be placed on the solenoid valve. The same is to be done with the saddle tee tightening each of the nuts. There on place the cover on the humidifier.

Step 9-Reinstating Electricity Connection

For reinstating electricity, use a two wire low voltage cable that links the humidifier to the cabinet of the furnace.

Step 10-Connecting the Humidistat

Run the low voltage cable from the furnace all the way to the humidistat. If there is no tap on the terminal board it can also be connected to the wiring of the blower fan.

The final step is to install the transformer on a particular side of the furnace and link the wires to the peripheral terminals.