How to Replace a Toe Kick Heater

When it comes time to replace your old toe kick heater, there are several things that you will need to keep in mind. A toe kick heater is a small heater that is kept in a small space. The heat comes out underneath cabinets and baseboards. These types of heaters have been around for a long time and are still popular today. They are thought of to be much more energy efficient as they do not waste time heating up the ceiling. Over the years, replacing them has become easier and easier, to the point where a professional is hardly ever needed to a typical do it yourselfer.

Materials Needed
  • Screwdriver
  • New Heater
  • Manufacturer’s Instructions
  • Flashlight
  • Assistant
Step 1 – Panel Removal

Removal of your old toe kick heater is not something that is very difficult. You will need to begin by taking the panels out that surround the heater. Make sure that you are cautious as you do this as these panels may be difficult to remove at first. With your screwdriver, get them loosened up. Once you have done this, you may need to rock them gently back and forth until they can be completely taken out. Set them to the side as you will need to put them back in later.

Step 2 – Wiring

Make sure that you get the wiring or the tuning disconnected as soon as you get the paneling removed. The removed paneling will allow you better access to the wiring to disconnect it. If you have the old manufacturer’s instructions with your old toe kick heater, then you may want to read up if you are unfamiliar with how the wires work. Work slowly and use caution with the wires. You may need a flashlight so that you will be able to see what you are doing as it is typically dark where a toe kick heater is.

Step 3 – Heater Removal

Once the panels and the wiring have been removed, you are ready to take out your toe kick heater. You may need to enlist in the help of a friend for this as these heaters while small, can be pretty heavy. Once you have successfully removed the heater, you are ready to install the new one.

Step 4 – New Heater Installation

Make sure that you have the instructions out with your new heater before you begin. Look over them to make sure that you have a good understanding of what is expected. Install your new heater by placing it in the correct location. You will then need to get the wires or tuning connected once the heater is in place. Once the heater has successfully been connected, you can get your screwdriver back out and put the panels back into place. Make sure that you have the panels in securely before you finish up. Test out your new heater once it is fully installed.

Be sure to properly dispose of your old toe kick heater. Some cities have regulations on what type of appliances can be tossed with your general trash.